Ski Mountaineering - Diga - Fiacconi - Punta Rocca (Marmolada)

Difficultymedium Time3,30 hours

Difficult itinerary offering a beautiful view. Starting point near the Passo Fedaia's dam and arrival in Punta Rocca (altitude 3342m).


  • Gear: good ski mountaineering equipment: ARTVA, snoshovel, snowprobe and helmet
  • Rest stops: Start: Pian dei Fiacconi and Punta Rocca
  • Marmolada Dolomite Group
  • Punta Rocca Summit
  • north Face
  • 3309 m Altitude
  • 2422 m Change in elevation
  • 1211 m Vertical gain
  • 1211 m Vertical loss
  • near by the ski slope and free ride Ground
  • Fedais's dam Start
  • Punta Rocca Finish
  • December-May Time of the year
  • high Popularity