Ski Mountaineering - Falcade - Cima Mulaz


Follow the Focobon valley until it gets thinner and becomes a gorge, then turn left and walk up the slope until you can return on the right side and cross the gorge. Keep walking up having the gorge on your right  and then go back to the valley which gets wider again. You have the magnificent Focobon three peaks in front of you.
There are two possible ways: you can keep yourself on the right of the valley and arrive to the “Casera del Focobon” (1894mt) or you can walk on the left of the valley and head the three peaks until you get at the foot of the mountain.
When the Mulaz col is at sight, go towards reaching the refuge “Volpi al Mulaz” (2571mt open only in summer).
From the col head the big slope on your right and follow it to the summit (2906mt). For the return follow the same itinerary.

  • Gear: Normal ski alp equipment: ski, skins, helmet, snowshovel, snowprobe and ARTVA
  • Rest stops: Bar Ski Stop in Molino area
Warnings: Challenging and long itinerary, verify weather forecast before leaving
Notes: Challenging and long itinerary, verify weather forecast before leaving
  • north-east side Face
  • 1700 m Vertical gain
  • Snowy, through the wood Ground
  • Falcade, Molino area Start
  • Cima Mulaz 2906 m Finish
  • From February to April, in the morning Time of the year
  • Medium Popularity