Background Skiing - Padon - Tabià Palazza

Difficultyeasy Time30 minutes

BACKGROUND SKIING FROM PADON TO TABIÀ PALAZZA (MARMOLADA) - This is an easy backcountry skiing itinerary located in the Arabba - Marmolada ski area on the "Queen of the Dolomites" with a constant view on the Marmolada Glacier and suitable for everybody. The starting point of the downhill is the arrival station of the chairlift Padon. From here take the descent on the left side and following the ski slope until the small hill that leads to Arabba; here go straight on off-piste and after 500 m you'll find a gully; cross it and follow the slope until Tabià Palazza. 

  • Gear: normal equipment: snowshovel, sonowprobe, ARTVA, helmet
  • Rest stops: ski lift and Rifugio
  • Padon Summit
  • east Face
  • 2369 m Altitude
  • 663 m + 429 m Change in elevation
  • chairlift 663 m Vertical gain
  • 429 m Vertical loss
  • very good Ground
  • Padon Start
  • Ciamp de Lobia Finish
  • December - March Time of the year
  • good Popularity