Backcountry Skiing - Canalone Pian dei Sech

Difficultydifficult Time30 minutes. Suggested time: all day long

BACKCOUNTRY SKIING IN THE CANALONE DEI SECH GULLY - This itinerary is not so long but very intense, as well as it it is very varied thanks to the difference of the passages that compose it and to the different off-piste techniques it requires. The whole track is surrounded by nature and by the constant presence of the dolomitic rock. From Malga Pioda at Forcella Alleghe, walk towards Monte Coldai for almost 20 minutes, always on the right side (pay attention to the GPS coordinates). The first part is very steep and narrow, but after this section the gully joins an ample plateau that leads to the ski slopes.


  • Gear: helmet, ARTVA, snowshovel, snowprobe
  • Alternatives: easy variant
Warnings: the itinerary is very popular and frequented
Notes: the itinerary is very popular and frequented
  • Civetta Dolomite Group
  • north-west Face
  • 100 m Vertical gain
  • 200 m Vertical loss
  • Forcella Alleghe Start
  • high Popularity