Ski Mountaineering - Monte Sief

Time3 - 4 hours

The Sief one is an easy and funny ring-itinerary, and therefore sometimes crowded. Follow the road to Sief until you turn left and take a little valley leading you across the rocks on the South side. Walk up the Cima Sief West ridge and arrive near Col de la Roda. From there walk up the slope to Cima Sief. From the top-cross you can go Northward in direction of the anti-top: from there, if the snow-conditions are good, you can go down on the left, along the West face. In the other case you can continue Northwards along the ridge, turning left only where the slopes are flatter. After a pleasant ski run you'll reach the lower part of the valley, where  following the forest road you'll be able to go back to the parking.

  • Gear: Normal ski alp equipment, snow shovel, snow probe and ARTVA
  • Monte Sief Summit
  • In Pieve di Livinallongo, following the direction for Corte and park there Start
  • Monte Sief Finish
  • from December to February with compact snow Time of the year