Snowshoes - Alleghe - Caprile

Difficultyeasy Time2 hours

Apart from a relaxing walk around the lake of Alleghe, the walk offers also a number of interesting stops such as the santuario of the Saint Maria delle Grazie and the source of the spring of sulphurous water in Saviner, famous for its healthy qualities and healing properties. The starting point of the walk is in Alleghe, along the lake in the direction of Caprile. The path continues until you see a glimpse of the suggestive rope bridge that crosses the Cordevole torrent. Once you have crossed the bridge, you continue to the right in the direction of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where you cross the village. Continue in the direction of the cemetry until you meet the road that takes you to Caprile. From Caprile you continue until the village ‘Saviner’ where you will need to take off the snow shoes for a short section of the walk. Turn into the street on your right. Continue until you reach the gravel square from where you can see the source of sulfur water.


  • Gear: snow shoes, ski sticks
  • Rest stops: Alleghe, Caprile
Warnings: easy walking, suitable for everybody
Notes: easy walking, suitable for everybody
  • Civetta Dolomite Group
  • 300 m Vertical gain
  • 300 m Vertical loss
  • Alleghe, lake side Start
  • sulfurous spring water Finish
  • high Popularity