Snowshoes - Cascata Masarè (Alleghe)

Difficultyeasy Time1 hour

Easy walk near the village Alleghe. The starting point can be from the centre of Alleghe, from where you walk along the frozen lake of Alleghe until you join the starting point of Masarè from where you have to put the snowshoes on. The uphill walk takes you to the waterfall Ru de Rialt in Masarè, from where you can enjoy the view from the top of the waterfall that creates gorgeous shapes of ice in the winter. You can start from the square in Alleghe, following the lake for about 1 km until you arrive in Masarè. Alternatively you can also reach the carpark in Masarè. The walk then starts from the carpark and you simply follow the signs that indicate the waterfall. You follow path number 563 and continue until you arrive at the waterfall. Turn back the same way.


  • Gear: snow shoes, ski sticks
Warnings: itinerary suitable for everybody
Notes: itinerary suitable for everybody
  • Civetta Dolomite Group
  • West Face
  • 90 m Vertical gain
  • 90 m Vertical loss
  • Masarè or the main square in Alleghe Start
  • medium Popularity