Snowshoes - Panoramica Monte Piz (Alleghe)

Difficultydifficult Time5 - 6 hours

This path has been dedicated to the mount ‘Sasso Bianco’ (white stone), because of a  “different” vision of Alleghe and the mountain Civetta. The path takes you to a beautiful point which is very close to a place where in 1771 a huge landslide occured which created the Alleghe lake. From there you can clearly see where the rock dettached itself from the mountain Piz.   From Alleghe you reach, in 10 minutes by car, the village Caracoi Agoìn, which conserves the characteristic architecture and certain details from Turkish orgin, as a result of the presence of slaves during the Serenissima who used to live there.  You continue following the path 683 in the direction of Bramezza, Casera Bur, Tabiai Forca, Tabiai Lariz until you reach the top of  Piz.


  • Gear: Snow shoes, ski sticks, snow shovel, snow probe and ARTVA
Warnings: Check the weather forecast before leaving
Notes: Check the weather forecast before leaving
  • South-East Face
  • 700 m Vertical gain
  • 700 m Vertical loss
  • Caracoi Agoìn Start
  • medium Popularity