Snowshoes - Le Impronte di Dinosauri (Val di Zoldo)

Difficultyeasy Time2 hours A/R

From Passo Staulanza, in south direction, follow the path n. 472 (Alta Via n.1); till you reach a little hill. There, tourn left to the dinosaur's footprints (2050 m, 1 hour circa). Thanks to the night ski lifts light, it is practicable during the evening too.


  • Gear: Snowshoes, ski sticks
  • Rest stops: Rifugio Passo Staulanza
  • Pelmo Dolomite Group
  • Pelmetto Summit
  • 2050 m Face
  • 250 m Altitude
  • Passo Staulanza Start
  • Pelmetto Finish