Mountain Bike - Col Margherita (Falcade)


This is a route of great scenic interest, 28,94 m long with an altitude change of 1550 m. This freeride seems very tiring but it is rendered more tolerable by the lift service to Passo San Pellegrino provided by the Col Margherita cable car.

 To reach the Passo there is a valid alternative to the asphalt road, passing through the hamlet of Falcade Alto with a scenic path on the plain of Falcade and taking the old road for the Pass which has been abandoned for some time. Due to the rough surface and sharp inclines, it will be necessary to push the mountain bike for a tract, before reaching the Rifugio Flora Alpina in Valfredda and continue one last sprint in view of the cable car lift.

 During the trip to the spectacular “balcony” of the Col Margherita, you can appreciate the wide views of Passo San Pellegrino, located in the splendid uncontaminated scenery at the base of the Monzoni chain, a starting point for summer hikes and excursions and fun ski runs in winter. Back on the mountain bike, you will not be disappointed with the long descent to the bottom of the valley, which passes over a dirt road tract to the  Rifugio Capanna Passo Valles, continues on the asphalt road of the Passo, and concludes with the stretch on the ski slope that goes to Molino. Here you will have to be very careful on the steep inclines, look out for drain ditches and other surprises on the rough terrain.


a detailed map of the area is recommended

Rest points

Husky Bar, Rifugio Flora Alpina, Rifugio Capanna Passo Valles


28,94 km