Mountain Bike - Jore (Falcade)


At Jore, under the peaks of Cime d'Auta, there is a picturesque and historical little church hidden in the silence of the forest, where today the village people still meet once a year for the holy service. From here there is a great view of Monte Civetta, the Pale di San Martino, the Monte Agner. The route is 22.71 m long with an altitude difference of 987 m and the most difficult aspect requires a certain amount of concentration due to a continual up and down tract. You can also visit several different districts in the area like Valt, Sappade, Feder, Fregona, Sachet, Celat and Canale d’Agordo, which still preserve their old time charm . Near Sachet, a hamlet of  Vallada Agordina, you can also visit the San Simon church, the oldest church in the Valle del Biòis, as well as the national monument, which juts out impressively at the base of Monte Celentone.


a detailed map of the area is recommended

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22,72 km
Asphalt road and off road