Restaurant Farmhouse Malga Ai Lach


The Farmhouse:
Farmhouse Malga Ai Lach is characterized by the extraordinary position on the lush meadows at the foot of the Dolomites that dominate Falcade. This Farmhouse is open during the summer season and in winter on request. Retail sale of own products.

The Specialities:
Dairy products are definitely the flagship of the Farmhouse.

Malga Ai Lach is situated on a very important alpine route, this is to say the "Shepherds' Alta Via", a multi-day trek that recalls the ancient shepherds' itineraries.

Farmhouse Malga Ai Lach is reachable on foot from Valfredda and other hamlets of Falcade, it is open during the whole summer and in certain periods in winter. In order to recieve updated information we suggest you to consult the tourist office located in the Town Hall, on Piazza Municipio.

Located along the so-calle "Shepherd's Alta Via", the farmhouse is reachable on foot from Valfredda or from the hamlet of Tabiadon di Canes above Falcade. The altitude of 1815 m makes it the ideal place in order to spend a relaxing day of hiking in summer or snowshoeing in winter.

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