Dolomiti Ski Shuttle, transfer from/to the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona, Bergamo, and Milan-Linate

On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from December 6th 2018 to March 31st 2019 | Extra runs: Dec, 26th 2018 and Jan, 2nd 2019


A fast and efficient connection between the main airports of Northern Italy and the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Province of Belluno

From the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona, Bergamo, Milano-Linate and Milano-Malpensa and the railway station of Venezia-Mestre to the resorts of Arabba, Marmolada, Alleghe, Selva di Cadore, Val di Zoldo, Falcade and Canale d'Agordo.


Terms & Conditions

Dolomiti Ski Shuttle 2018-19

DOLOMITI SKI SHUTTLE 2018/2019 - TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. The Dolomiti Ski Shuttle service can be booked exclusively online. No passenger without a valid booking will be accepted onboard, unless there are available seats at the moment of the boarding: only in this case, the hostesses can sell tickets on site. In this case the price will be the standard price, as stated in point 3. 2. The booking of the transfer service is open to everybody with no limitation, and there are 2 different kinds of prices: a standard price and a reduced price (as clearly stated in point 3). The reduced price is bound to the booking of a stay in one of the Dolomiti Stars partner accommodation facilities. In this case, the client name provided at the time of the online booking will be shared with the relevant accommodation facility. In case evidence is found of an untrue hotel/apartment booking, the reservation will be modified from the reduced price to the standard price and the ticket will not be refunded. At the time of booking clients are advised to use the same name used for the hotel/apartment booking in order to make checks easier. Details of the confirmation e-mail (airport/railway station, route, stops, passengers, phone number, additional baggage, ski bags, pets etc.) must be controlled carefully by the user. Dolomiti Stars is not responsible for user’s mistakes in the data entry. Any mistake/correction has to be communicated via e-mail to: or via fax (+39 0437 525168) within 48 hours after the receiving of the voucher. The voucher must be kept and shown to the hostesses, if present in the arrival hall of the airport, or to the bus driver in case of a return transfer route. 3. The cost of the service for all the routes, a part from Milan-Malpensa (standard price) amounts to € 50.00 per person for the one-way ticket and € 65.00 per person for the round trip ticket; to/from the airport of Milan-Malpensa € 65.00 for the one-way ticket and € 90,00 for the round trip. The cost of the same service for clients of the Dolomiti Stars partner accommodation facilities ( reduced price) is € 30,00 per person for the one-way ticket and € 45.00 per person for the round trip ticket from/to the airports of Treviso and Venice and € 35.00 for the one-way ticket and € 50.00 for the round trip ticket from to the airports of Verona, Bergamo-Orio al Serio, Milan-Linate and Mestre-Venezia railway station; from/to the airport Milan-Malpensa € 50,00 for the one way ticket and € 75,00 for the round trip. Onboard cash payments will never be accepted. To the extent of one child per paying accompanying adult: the service is free for children under 8 years old and children 8/12 years old pay 50%; all other children 0/12 pay 50%. In addition to children reductions, there are also reductions for groups: 1 free ticket every 20 paying people. A 10% discount is guaranteed to clients who have booked the service in the last 2 years, if the same e-mail address is registered. Ticket price includes the transport of a hand luggage (that fits inside the overhead bin) and a hold baggage to be carried in the bus hold (no ski bags); any other additional baggage (additional bags or boot bags), no matter the size or weight, must be declared in the booking form and it has an additional cost of 10 € per route per item. Ski bags must be declared in the booking form and have an additional cost of € 5 per route per item. Small size pets are admitted on board: they must be declared in the booking form and they have an additional cost of € 10 per route per pet. In case any additional items or pets are not properly declared in the booking form, at the moment of boarding the hostess/driver have the power to decide whether the clients can get on the bus or not. 4. Bookings are possible only on the website For the routes scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, the service has to be booked within the Wednesday before the departure/arrival weekend; for the routes scheduled on Thursday, bookings have to be made within the Monday before the arrival/departure date. After the booking procedure and its confirmation, only 1 request of change will be accepted; it has to be faxed at no. (+39) 0437 525168 or e-mailed at: Clients will receive an e-mail or fax confirmation of their change. In case no confirmation e-mail/fax is received after a change request, clients are kindly asked to contact the booking office as soon as possible. No refund claims will be accepted unless a change confirmation e-mail or fax is shown. In case of cancellation requested by the customer, tickets will not be refunded. 5. In addition to the ordinary routes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Dolomiti Stars organizes on request transfers from/ to the airports/railway station for the same price on every day of the week except on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The request can be sent also by the customer’s accommodation facility via E-mail to Dolomiti Stars at; Dolomiti Stars will soon accept the request. In this case, the service will be confirmed only if it will be possible to form a group of at least 10 paying passengers to be carried on the same date with all the customers of the accommodation facilities of Dolomiti Stars. Therefore, these special routes can be confirmed or not only 10 days before the possible departure date. If the reservation of a special route is made by one of the customers' accommodation facilities, the service will be charged to the accommodation facility that will recover the amount directly from the customer in a second moment; in all other cases, the service has to be paid in advance directly to Dolomiti Stars via bank tranfer (the whole procedure will be communicated in details to the customer). In case of non-payment, the service won't take place. 6. Passengers meeting points at the airports: “Marco Polo” Venice Airport- At the exit of the luggage claim zone turn right, follow the Dolomiti Ski Shuttle/Ski transfers signpost; in the arrivals hall, just behind the bar, go to the ski transfer desk showing your booking confirmation. “Antonio Canova” Treviso Airport- Passengers are kindly asked to wait for the transfer service outside the arrival hall. A Dolomiti Stars staff representative showing an identification badge and/or sign will pick up waiting passengers at the bus arrival. “Valerio Catullo” Verona Airport – At the arrivals hall. Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport – At the arrivals exit, to the left. Milan-Linate airport – Passengers are kindly asked to wait outside the arrivals hall Milan-Malpensa airport: go to “Orio Shuttle” bus stop – direction Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport Venezia-Mestre railway station: outside the station turn right and you’ll find the Dolomiti Stars bus. Remember that in the airports of Venice, Verona and Bergamo there will be a hostess waiting for the passengers at the welcome desk; Treviso and Venezia-Mestre railway station are normal bus stops without welcoming desk/hostess, but in case of emergency you can contact the hostess of Venice Airport, tel. +39 3462424013 (only calls, no sms); for problems with Milano-Linate and Milano-Malpensa airports, the mobile number to call is +39 3462424012 ( hostess of the Bergamo, only calls, no sms). 7. At the airports, but never in Milano-Malpensa airport nor at Mestre railway station, in case of delay, the bus will wait for passengers for a max. of 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time (flight information provided by the airport management system will be considered). For delays of more than 30 minutes, and only in case that free seats are available, passengers will be allowed to take the next scheduled route by giving immediate notice to the Dolomiti Stars welcome staff immediately after landing or at the service numbers (+39) 3462424013 - 3462424012 - 3462424010 (only calls, no sms). In case no following routes are available, passengers that won’t show up at the meeting point will have to reach the destinations individually and by own means. The ticket is not refundable. In case clients don’t provide all required information at the moment of the online booking (e.g. flight/train number, time of landing/arrival, additional items or pets) or if they choose option “different means of transport”, the service won’t wait for missing passengers. Anyway, you’re invited to communicate any possible delay, flight or train cancellation at the service numbers (+39) 3462424013 - 3462424012 - 3462424010 as soon as possible (only calls, no sms). 8. Passengers meeting points in the Dolomiti Stars resorts: The service stops upon request, that is on booking only, solely at scheduled meeting points for each resort, that are as follows: Canale d'Agordo - At the village entrance bridge, on the main road to Falcade Falcade – In front of the Town Hall of Falcade Alleghe – Piazza Kennedy, in front of the tourist office Caprile – Piazza Dogliani on the village main square, in front of the Unicredit Bank Sottoguda (Marmolada) - In front of the “Lavasecco da Franca” (the village laundry) Pieve di Livinallongo – on the village square, in front of the church Arabba – In front of the Congress Hall Arabba – in the hamlet of Precumon Pescul (Selva di Cadore) – In front of Grocery’s shop on the main square Santa Fosca (Selva di Cadore) – Stop on the Central square park Zoldo Alto (Val di Zoldo) – In front of the newsagent's shop in Pecol Village Forno di Zoldo (Val di Zoldo) - In front of the Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto Bank Passengers must be ready at the meeting points of each resort at least 15 minutes before the scheduled Dolomiti Ski Shuttle departure time. In any case passengers will be dropped or picked up at hotels/apartments or at any different place than the passengers meeting points. Dolomiti Stars will not be liable for any discomfort or additional cost occurred to passengers who might be missing at the passengers meeting points at the above given time. 9. Dolomiti Stars is not liable for thefts or loss of the passengers’ luggage. We recommend not to leave your luggage unattended and not to forget your personal items/luggage on the bus at the end of the journey. In case some personal items are left on the bus and found, passengers will be charged for delivery costs if required. 10. A delay of maximum 45 minutes in the departure time could happen. Dolomiti Stars is not responsible for longer delays caused by bad weather conditions and/or traffic jam and/or late connections. The departure/arrival times are approximate. Nothing can be charged to Dolomiti Stars or to the bus company, as for example, in case of departure, the missing of the flight. 11. According to the number of passengers the transport can be made by bus, minibus or car. Dolomiti Ski Shuttle service is a collective service, therefore the rates are that low. It can happen, if decided by the service managers, that you will have to change bus during the trip. 12. The hostess and the driver have the power to decide to let or not get on the shuttle the passengers showing an offensive behavior towards the staff or other passengers. In this case the ticket won’t be refunded. 13. Complaints or refund claims must be submitted in writing to: Dolomiti Stars, Via Marmolada 2/1– 32022 Alleghe (BL) Italy, within 1 month since the inefficiency occurred. Complaints or refund claims sent after the above given deadline will not be considered under any circumstances. No claims about the point no 10 will be accepted. 14. Booking office: open from Monday to Friday 8.00-12.30/13.15-16.45, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holy-days. Ph. (+39) 0437 523642 fax (+39) 0437 525168 e-mail: Phone numbers operating only during the running of the service on Saturdays and Sundays and on the occasion of special routes: Airports VENICE and TREVISO and VENEZIA-MESTRE Railway station +39 3462424013 Airport BERGAMO and MILAN-LINATE and MILAN-MALPENSA: +39 3462424012 Airport VERONA: +39 3462424010 Dolomiti Ski Shuttle is a Dolomiti Stars S.C.R.L. service, legal head office Via Marmolada 2/1 – 3022 Alleghe (BL) – Italy – P.IVA: 00966020257