The Dolomites are recognised as the most fascinating mountainous area in Italy and among the most beautiful in the world. A land of jagged peaks, rising up between alpine meadows, crystal-clear stretches of water, thousands of kilometres of hiking trails, picturesque medieval towns and luxurious wellness areas. They are a place where Alpine and Mediterranean traditions meet, where Italian and Austrian influences come together to create a wonderfully cosy and enchanting destination. A summer holiday in these areas is coveted by many. Every summer, the Dolomites attract thousands of tourists who want to spend their holidays in peace and quiet, leaving their hectic work and city life behind.

Our events

In summer, the events organised in our area are many and suitable for everyone! From music to trekking, from conferences to tastings, from shows to fun for the little ones. Click here not to miss any of the events!

Admire the stars

There is nothing more beautiful in the mountains than lying with a blanket on the meadow and admiring the stars away from the light pollution of the city.

Lunga Via delle Dolomiti

Many sports can be practised in our area, but an experience not to be missed is to cycle along the famous Lunga Via delle Dolomiti (Long Dolomite Road), famous for having been the train route from Calalzo to Cortina. Along the route you can still admire the old stations, bridges and tunnels.

Other activities

In addition to cycling, there are many other sports that can be practised. Walking, trekking, tennis, swimming and much more. For those who do not like sports, there are many exhibitions and activities in the area. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.