Bike in the Dolomites

A bike ride is one of the best ways to discover the most hidden corners of the valleys in the Dolomites. There is always a new adventure on any one of the plentiful routes suited to young and old, sports nuts and cycling tourists. It's a wonderful way to feel like a part of nature. Those who have already tried know well how it feels to climb along mountain roads... it is a unique, indescribable thrill.

High altitude rides are also made easier by the lift facilities which allow for bicycle transportation in summer. And then the true two wheel fanatic will know that the Dolomiti Stars territory has written some of the most beautiful pages in the history of the Giro d’Italia. It is a history that you, too can relive, emulating the great champions and following in their tracks as you ride over the Dolomite passes.

Mountain biking and Freeride

Discover the Dolomiti area by bicycle.

Indulge in a vacation dedicated to outdoor activities and two wheeling, on roads that will test your resistance and repay your efforts with breathtaking views.

There are plenty of options for mountain bike enthusiasts: from simple routes for the entire family to itineraries suited to more serious riders. Experts who want to experience the adventure of dirt roads, old mule trails or high altitude paths can also use lift facilities that allow for bike transportation in summer.

Don't miss the chance to hire guides and instructors throughout the area, in addition to maps and guidebooks with the excursions. Everyone with a mountain bike is guaranteed a good time in the heart of the Dolomites.

Road cycling

The roads that criss-cross the Dolomiti area are a must do for two wheel fans. You can ride along any number of itineraries and test your mettle on the most challenging Dolomite passes in memory of great cycling champions of yesterday and today. In fact, among these valleys, at the base of the Dolomites, some of the most compelling chapters in the history of the Giro d'Italia were written.

Just to mention a few of the most recent, just remember the spectacular arrival at Palafavera in Val di Zoldo in 2005, the one at Passo San Pellegrino in between two walls of fans in 2006 and at the top of Passo Fedaia in 2011. Hop on your bike: you can enjoy an unforgettable experience surrounded by views of rare beauty.

Biking tourism

To pedal, immerse yourself in nature and leave all your cares behind: what a wonderful feeling! In the Dolomites two-wheel lovers can find plenty of convenient and safe bike paths suited for the whole family, in addition to a vast web of cycle-tourism itineraries.

A bicycle tour is the ideal choice for a different kind of holiday, one that is healthy and fun. There are plenty of surprises along the way: a perfect mix in which dreamlike views blend with an atmosphere full of history and tradition that can reawaken the senses.


Fatbikes are mountain bikes with over-sized tires conceived to ride on soft and unstable grounds enhancing control thanks to the wide contact surface of the tires; everyone can feel like a pro with this kind of bike since it is extremely easy to ride even for beginners and children. This doesn't mean that riding a Fatbike is boring: an excursion with a fatbike can be an amusing and thrilling experience even for expert bikers that can test their skills with long excursions on different kind of surfaces and grounds.

Fatbiking is a perfect activity to spend some good time in the Dolomites!

Electric Bicycle

Bicycle is the ideal active way to fully enjoy the quiet and stillness of the mountain and nature. Dolomiti areas offer now to the tourists who have arranged a mountain holiday in the Dolomites a new service: in addition to traditional bicycles it is now possible to rent an electrical bike, too.
The so-called electrical bikes are special electrically assisted bikes which add the power of an electrical engine to human propelling action.
Handy, quiet and without any pollution emission, electrical bikes become an efficient vehicle above all for the less-trained and not so young athletes in order to face easily and in complete safety the wide choice of excursions, bike tours and itineraries in the area of the Dolomites UNESCO natural heritage, pushing (pedalling) both in the valley bottom and on the top of the mountains (reachable with the skilift systems), enjoying breathtaking rides without any stress.