Bike Tour Cianderou - Posporcora 8

Difficultydifficult Length24,4 km

Take the northbound path towards Fiames - Cimabanche (see route 2 to the bridge over the Boite torrent).

Ascend on surfaced road and, a short way after lake Ghedina, turn right along a trail.

After about 2 km, you reach Sote i Crepe de Cianderou where you turn right again to ascend more to reach Cianderou (1,780 m). The trail undulates to Forcella Posporcora.

Then starts the challenging descent to Pian de Loa to then return to Cortina along the normal cycle route.

  • Rest stops: Hotel Fiames, Restaurant Ghedina Lake
  • 560 m Change in elevation
  • Cortina – Station (1225m) Start
  • Cortina – Station (1225m) Finish

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