Bike Superpanorama Freeride 6


Take the cable-car up to Faloria and then descend to Rio Gere.

Take the chair-lift up to the Son Forca hut and freeride down the Val Padeon. Keep bearing left to return to Cortina.

In the centre (near the ice stadium), take the cable-car up to Col Drusciè. Ride down to Piè Tofana, where you can take the chairlift up to the Duca d'Aosta hut. At the top, freeride again down to Cianzopè on the main road up to the Falzarego pass.

Turn right up to Bai de Dones where you can take the new chair-lift up to the Scoiattoli hut and then descend down the trail to the Cinque Torri hut. Again downhill, this time on asphalt and turn right into the trail at the bottom, before reaching the road.

More descent and, after crossing a landslide, you reach the road that leads up to the Giau pass. Turn left, which leads delightfully downhill again to Peziè de Paru. Here you must turn right, off the road and into the trail towards the Cason del Macaron.

Return to Cortina passing near lake Ajal and Grotte di Volpera.

  • 2200 m Change in elevation
  • Cortina station (1225m) Start
  • Cortina - Station (1225m) Finish

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