Mountain Bike - Forcella Celat (Alleghe)

Difficultydifficult Length38,87 km

Start from  Alleghe in the direction of the final part of the lake until we reach Masarè,  a little more than 1 km on flat asphalt along the  main road SR 203; we continue for about another  650 metres to the level of Camping Alleghe where we veer left on to a secondary road with signs for the Garni  la Maison, we continue on a pleasant downhill past the waypoint  “Le Pale” arriving to the houses in Forchiade,  here we get back on the main road SR 203, riding down easily towards the houses at Sala and Vare, which we pass; a little after this we leave the regional road to veer right towards Avoscan and continue straight, pedalling along the old road that follows the Cordevole; right after the viaduct above us, ignoring the exit which would take us back to the regional road, we continue straight on a dirt road along the remains of an old landslide, 200-300 metres and then we are back to the remains of the ancient asphalt that continues along the torrent to the waypoint of Lorenzon on the outskirts of Cencenighe.  Careful, right after the beginning of the conglomerate we are going to take a narrow uphill lane on the right, via Villagrande,  which will take us through an old part of the village and to the road that goes to Falcade; we take this road just under the village Church and turning right we cover 300 metres on asphalt to the junction for San Tomaso, we take a left and after a few metres we continue straight on, passing the right turn just before the old abandoned tunnel, we take a left into an old road works building site, go straight for about 200 metres, we pass over a short single track and right after coming out of the tunnel we are on the old abandoned road. We start climbing again slightly for a brief stretch until we come to a downhill dirt road on the left which will take us over the Biois torrent to the dirt road that goes through a thick, shady forest and takes us on a slight climb to the waypoint   Biois  after covering a little more than 3 km. Having passed  “Biois”  we continue on the slight climb for about 2 km and after passing the point of Langia  we touch down in Canale d’Agordo  at  978 m,  birthplace of Pope John Paul I. We enter the village and towards the end of the main square in front of the parochial church we take the “ La Cavalera”, a beautiful dirt road with a compact surface that is easy to ride for about 3,40 km  to waypoint  “Brustolade” where we turn left for Falcade  on via Venezia then continue on towards  Tabiadon-Canes  on asphalt for 1,13 km of uphill at 8%. We continue on asphalt towards Valt, almost  1 km  at the same incline, up and up to the waypoint “Meneghina” passing the Gaon torrent first up and then down we continue towards Caiada 2,12 km further on over asphalt that ends around Tabiadon di Val, where we go back to dirt road for about 500 metres. Coming off of this point we head down the dirt road to the rifugio  Caiada  just a few metres beyond. We find asphalt once again on a stretch that will take us up to the 1244 m at  Colmean, less than one kilometre with more uphill than down. Then the asphalt will guide us to the hamlet of Feder where we will take a bumpy path uphill to Lagazzon. After 1.5 km, we continue on asphalt towards the namesake peak called Forcella  at an altitude of 1356 m, coming off the peak it is an easy downhill towards Picolet. In the next tract which will bring us to Foch, passing through Cogul and along a little more than 2 km we will pedal on dirt road, rocky path and after Cogul  on a secondary asphalt road, all with more downhill inclines than uphill. From Foch we start climbing again on asphalt at 12% to the waypoint of Ortolazza, another 400 metres at 10% uphill to Staleviere and we continue for another 500 metres climbing easily to Forcella Celat at 1383 m.  Coming off the back of the Forcella we take an old mule path with a bumpy surface for about 2 km with a tract that is quite difficult until we come to the outskirts of  Celat; from here on asphalt in a little less than 1 km we end up in Mezzavalle; continuing along asphalt for 500 metres downhill we arrive at Pian de Molin,  we follow the right on an asphalt downhill at 12% which will bring us to Avoscan.  From here we go back to take the  regional SR 203 that we will ride back to Alleghe covering the final 4.3 km with 154 m  of altitude change on an easy climb.

Warnings: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Notes: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • 1265 m Vertical gain
  • 1266 m Vertical loss
  • 62,2% asphalt road, the rest off road Ground
  • Alleghe Start