Mountain Bike - Lagusello

Difficultydifficult Length24,16 km

Start off from Alleghe riding up to Piani di Pezzè with the cable lift, to the new 8 seater cable car  that will take us to the scenic village of Col dei Baldi (1915 m). Once off the lift we face south and take our first downhill to the right for about 550 m. at the juncture for Col Fioret we keep going straight for Malga Boi Vescovà  paying attention to a brief, steep stretch with a slippery, rocky surface. Once over this we follow the asphalt for about 450 m. that take us to the junction for Casera Fontanafredda, we go left and pass the dairy pedalling on a brief climb towards F.lla Pecol, coming off of this and heading downhill for a challenging, technical tract about 2 km long with a  15% negative altitude change until the point at Vizza Mareson, we go left on a dirt road and then on asphalt to take the  500 metre section under the wood called  Bosco delle Foglie; when we come out there are only a few hundred metres to get back on the asphalt of the state road SS 251 to the Pescul chair lift. We get up to Fertazza using the lifts and here we find the namesake chalet; with the second section of the chair lift  we get to the 2082 m of scenic Belvedere di Fertazza and its refreshment bar. We take the right to go up a little more to Cima Fertazza to then descend along trail no. 566  in the direction of Col di Davagnin, a challenging section about 1300 mt long with an altitude change of  -180 m at a 14% incline. Continuing on the 566 the surface is not easy and there are a few ups and downs and a thick, shady forest; this section has an altitude change  -671 m with decidedly harsh passages and here we are at the houses of Lagusello (1251 m) where we will find some asphalt. We continue our steep descent along the trail marked 566 with another - 250 m and a 20% altitude change towards the village of Fiorentina which lies just beyond the houses in Caprile on the provincial road SP20, on asphalt we take the left to get to the crossroads that will merge onto the Via Nazionale and asphalt. At the junction we take the direction of Alleghe  along the Cordevole torrent to the next point, which is the bridge Ponte sul Cordevole, from Col di Davagnin  to this point we have covered about 8 km  pedalling uphill for a few dozen metres and with a negative altitude change of 959 m with an average downhill incline of 12%; we are now in the village of Alleghe, another 400 m and we take the right to get on to the lakeside bike path, we pedal the last 500 metres along the lake to end our day in Corso Italia.

  • Rest stops: Alleghe - Caprile
Warnings: CAI references: 566 (561 - 568)
Notes: CAI references: 566 (561 - 568)
  • 154 m Vertical gain
  • 1785 m Vertical loss
  • 3,3% asphalt road, the rest off road Ground
  • Alleghe Start