Passo Pordoi

Difficultymedium Length15,31 km

You start from the large parking lot at the Porta Vescovo cable lift in a Westerly direction along the old mule path on the right bank of the Cordevole torrent, parallel to the tortuous provincial road n° 48. At Pont de Vauz ( after 2.63 km ) you temporarily abandon the dirt road to merge on to the asphalt until you come to a junction on the left, located between the 23rd and 24th turns, that goes back to a dirt road. Follow it for about 1.5 km, until you come across path 680, a slight descent that veers decisively West in the direction of Passo Pordoi. Follow the path with no major variations in altitude until the village of Lezuo. From here you climb along provincial road n° 48 to Passo Pordoi from where you will cross trails and ski slopes to go back to Arabba along a route about 6 km long which is never particularly difficult.

Warnings: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Notes: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • asphalt road and off road Ground
  • Arabba, parking place of the cable car Portavescovo Start
  • Arabba Finish