Mountain Bike - Pecol (Alleghe)

Difficultydifficult Length15,83 km

We start off from Alleghe in the direction of the final part of the lake until we arrive in Masarè, a little over 1 km on flat asphalt on the  main road, we turn right onto via della Pace that lies just a little before the bridge on the left in front of hotel albergo Adriana and we start to climb, initially on asphalt and then on a dirt road that will become a path to the waypoint at Val di Caldiera, a climb that is only difficult for a brief stretch. At this point  the path becomes a severe, very difficult single track  with highly technical passages that are insidious when wet, then the final tract is easy until we reach the neighbourhood of Sala. We leave the dirt road full of adrenaline that we will need for the asphalt on the Sala - Vare – Avoscan  segment, a little more than 1 km on a slight downhill, looking out for the right turn Avoscan and right after the bridge that crosses the Cordevole  at 814 m  we take a climb on asphalt for the waypoint of Pian de Molin  (994 m). From here we keep pedalling on asphalt on a slight uphill for a little more than 1 km until we come to the houses in  Pecol and passing here we will go down on a challenging path that will bring us down -246 m to the tiny village of Forchiade where we cross the regional road  SR 203 and start to climb the secondary road that lies right in front of the crossing, still on asphalt towards Masarè  where we will return to the regional road SR 203 at the height of Camping Alleghe,  about another half kilometre on a slight uphill and just before the bridge at the end of the lake we take the left onto an asphalt road that coasts along the lake in the direction of  Saviner for 2.2 km. We need to cover a brief yet intense climb that will bring us above the villa Paganini and then it is an easy ride down along the lake, then we go back up to the houses in Saviner. After the climb we can expect a brief  (150 m) yet challenging path that end up in front of the bridge over the Cordevole, we cross this and turn right, following the Cordevole for a brief stretch to the playground in Vallazza; from here we get back on the asphalt road that will take us to the lakeside ride that will deliver us to the Ice Arena A. De Toni.


  • Rest stops: Alleghe - Avoscan
Warnings: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Notes: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • 612 m Vertical gain
  • 612 m Vertical loss
  • 71,2% asphalt road, the rest off road Ground
  • Alleghe Start