Mountain Bike - Val Gares (Falcade)

Difficultydifficult Length31,80 km

The Val Garès has glacial origins and deeply penetrates the interior of the Pale di San Martino group, remaining ever wide and in a slight ascent until it ends up in the ample pastoral space of Pian delle Giare. From here you can see the Comelle waterfall, a thunderous leap by the Liera torrent as it plunges for dozens of metres. The Val Gares is accessible from Canale d’Agordo, birthplace of Pope Luciani, by taking the bike path that parallels the main road and the Liera torrent. In summer it is the ideal place for an open air picnic; in winter it is a favourite destination for Nordic skiing fans. The route is 31.79 m long with an altitude difference of 1166 m; it is of medium difficulty until it comes to the hamlet of Garès and then it becomes much more challenging on the brief but gruelling climb to malga Stia.


Warnings: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Notes: a detailed map of the area is recommended
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