Difficultyeasy Length5 km circuit Time1.00 h Circuit

The route starts near the Rifugio Aquileia and follows the route during the winter is crossed from cross-country skiers

The terrain: the first part is made up of gravel and then near the picnic area is a soft ground.

This track you can walk both ring until you get near the beginning of the picnic area and return to Rifugio Aquileia or you can choose from the many variants that lead to lengthen the course to your liking.

No great slopes for this is also suitable for beginners.

  • Gear: Trekking shoes or boots and sticks of nordic walking
  • Rest stops: Hut Aquileia - Baita Flora Alpina
  • wood - meadow - dirt road - single track Ground
  • Hut Aquileia Start
  • Hut Aquileia Finish
  • late spring summer autumn Time of the year
  • medium Popularity