Family Walking - Santa Fosca - Malga Pien de Vacia - Santa Fosca (Selva di Cadore)

Difficultyeasy Length5 km circuit Time2 hours

Starting from the village of Santa Fosca and then follow towards Toffol / L'Andria. Walk of historic pastures also walkable with stroller to Malga Pien de Vacia (all the way from Santa Fosca to the hut is paved). From the hut you can return to Santa Fosca for the same route or continue after the hut for a hundred meters, on the right starts a path through the woods (not walkable with the stroller) bring to  Santa Fosca.

  • Gear: mountain wear trekking shoes - stroller or trekking stroller
  • Rest stops: Malga Pien de Vacia
  • Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin Dolomite Group
  • paved road - path Ground
  • In the square of Santa Fosca, there is a parking place. Start
  • Santa Fosca Finish
  • from January to December Time of the year
  • high Popularity