Trekking - Piè Tofana - Cianderou (Tofana)

Difficultyeasy Time3-4 hours

Leisurely walk through spectacular forests.
From Pié Tofana take the unpaved road marked with the signpost 410. The path is level as far as the junction with another unpaved road marked 409 ascending to the Crepe of Cianderou. Walk up this trail to Passo Posporcora, below Col Rosà. From there you can either descend to the right towards Pian de ra Spines or a longer descent down the opposite slope will take you to Ponte Alto and Pian de Loa.

A shorter alternative route is down to Lago Ghedina, walking down trail 410 to avoid the ascent to the Crepe of Cianderou. Once you reach the lake you can either decide to end your hike at Fiames or continue along a short path to the village of Cadin.

  • Tofane Dolomite Group
  • 1750 mt Altitude
  • 100 mt Vertical gain
  • 720 mt Vertical loss
  • Piè Tofana Start
  • Fiames Finish

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