Trekking - Piz De Guda (Marmolada)

Difficultymedium Time3h


This path has recently  undergone some improvements, and you can begin your ascent from the hamlet of Sottoguda. Along a well marked trail which was once used to transport hay from the high mountains to the valley and also during the Great War to resupply the outposts on the second front which were located on the Piz de Guda and on Sas de Roi. Now such a trail serves as an excellent example of commitment and logic used for accessing steep peaks, avoiding critical points. Today  along the  Piz de Guda, climb you can still see remnants of military outposts and trenches. From the little rise called "sun Forcia" these testimonials are still well preserved, as is the tunnel in the peak of the Piz de Guda, which was probably used as a clinic for soldiers. It is amazing to think that there were people with much more limited means than are available today who lived at such high altitude for almost three years, in every season and every type of weather. The view from the top of the Piz is truly breathtaking and you have the feeling of being on the tippy top of a mountain drawn by a child with two very simple lines. The villages below are a sight to behold; they lose their high  perspectives and the houses can be made out only by the shape and the colour of the roofs, like little bits of confetti scattered here and there in a sea of green.  The area of the Piz also belongs to deer and mountain goats, before reaching the high mountain passage at "Forcia" you can see various scars in the fields where the stags compete for females and confirm or renew  the hierarchy of the herd.  So it is not rare to see these impressive, majestic beasts  as well as other species  of animals of all types, because the area is admirably wild even though it is well served by good trails.

  • Gear: Trekking shoes and mountain wear
  • Rest stops: Sottoguda
  • Sottoguda Start