Trekking - Malga Ciapela - Refuge Falier (Marmolada)

Difficultyeasy Time3-4 h return


This charming itinerary crosses the Val Ombretta, one of the most beautiful valleys of the Marmolada, with wonderful views on to the Southwest wall of the Queen of the Dolomites. The starting point to reach the Rifugio Falier (2080 m.) is from Malga Ciapela, more precisely from the Agritourism Malga Ciapela Miola, where you can purchase excellent dairy products, leave your car and set  out for the magnificent Valle Ombretta. Initially the trail starts out quite steep but eventually becomes more even and regular. You come to a fork where to the left you go to the Val di Franzedaz, bit proceed to the right for a brief hike to the mouth of the Valle Ombretta. Here the mule trail ends and you continue along a visible path  that passes through the old dairy barns of  Malga  Ombretta (1904 m.), then rises slightly and coasts along for about 40 minutes to the Rifugio Onorio Falier. This is one of the best places of the Dolomites to admire the groundhogs in their natural habitat; from the spring thaw to the late autumn, this valley resounds with the whistles of this cute animals.

  • Gear: Trekking shoes and mountain wear
  • Rest stops: Farmhouse Miola, Refuge Falier
Warnings: Come back following the same track
Notes: Come back following the same track
  • 2080 m Altitude
  • Malga Ciapela/Farmhouse Miola Start
  • High Popularity