Walking - Canale d'Agordo - Valle di Gares

Difficultyeasy Time2 hours one way Beauty**


The route that from Canale d'Agordo (976 m of altitude) leads to the Gares Valley is an easy and suggestive pedestrian / cycle path of 7 km that crosses the verdant and wild valley of the Liera River. The ideal starting point for this easy walking route is located at the playground in Via Lotta in Canale d'Agordo, where it is very easy to notice the beginning of the cycling lane; follow this path until the end and you'll be reaching the Gares Valley. In Gares there is plenty of things to do and to visit in order to spend a relaxing afternoon, even for families with little children: in the valley floor there is the brand-new biotope of Gares, an easy and suggestive wood promenade that surround the Lake of Gares; the whole area is equipped with grills and with a modern wooden roofing that covers the picnic tables. Nearby the promenade there's the Restaurant Capanna Cima Comelle, the ideal place to taste a snack or an ice cream or to dine with the delicious typical menu offered by the owners. The whole valley floor offers easy paths that follow the tracks of the "Franco Manfroi" Cross-Counrty Ski Centre and which are ideal for an easy walks with children. These paths meet several time the course of the Liera River; in these place notice the dark colour of the ground due to the volcanic origin of the valley. The whole area is rich in water springs and thus extremely verdant, above all during summer; if you do love to walk, from the valley floor it is possible to reach the San Lucano Valley in the Municipality of Taibon Agordino by crossing the breathtaking Forcella Campigàt (average difficulty / 4-5 hours); a more demanding but equally suggestive route leads hikers from the original village of Gares (that is definitely worth a visit) to the impressive Comelle Waterfall. From the village centre, too, it is possible to reach after a walk of almost 45 minutes the suggestive Malga Stia, where guests can taste some typical dishes of the Valley and enjoy the beautiful landscape on the Gares Valley. Also noteworthy is the presence of several climbing boulders in the valley, many of which have been equipped by the Appigli Sotto il Muschio group.

Variants: there are different halfway points that can be used to reduce the route. Ex: you can arrive just in "Campion" by car and take the cycling path from here.

  • Gear: Trekking shoes and sportswear
  • Canale d'Agordo 976 m Start
  • Gares 1340 m Finish