Walking - Alleghe Lake Promenade (Giro del Lago)

Difficultyeasy Time1 hour 30 min


The tour around the Lake of Alleghe is one of the most famous and accessible strolls in Alleghe; this easy walk is particularly recommended for families and in general for those who want to distract themselves strolling a couple of hours. Starting from Piazza Kennedy, right in the centre of the village, go down on Via Monte Pape to the lakeside boardwalk, from here to the left you walk along the lake all the way to the mouth of the Zunaia river and get on to the sidewalk to the village of  Rusech, where you can rest a while in the small, lovely garden overlooking the lake (refreshment area); then you continue to the hamlet of Masarè. After passing over the bridge on the Cordevole turn right and follow the community road that will take you on a steep climb to the other side of the lake. From this scenic point you can admire the village of Alleghe in all its beauty, with Mt. Civetta and the Pelmo in the background. Proceeding along the old mule trail, about 300 metres after the chalet al lago, follow the signs for the nature trail reading “percorso naturalistico” that will take you to the right in a woodsy tract; after climbing a long yet convenient staircase, the path leads to a suspended bridge. After passing this you are in Vallazza (a children’s playground with refreshment area) and in a short while, following the sidewalk you get back to Alleghe. Of course, many variations are possible, and this walk can be made in the opposite direction. The walking time of this stroll is almost an hour and a half - two hours. 

  • Gear: Training shoes and sportswear
  • Rest stops: Refreshment stand: Rusech, Mararè and Vallazza
Warnings: Also for children
Notes: Also for children
  • 60 m Change in elevation
  • 30 m Vertical gain
  • 30 m Vertical loss
  • asphalt road and path Ground
  • Alleghe, Piazza Kennedy Start
  • Alleghe, Piazza Kennedy Finish
  • All year long Time of the year
  • High Popularity