Walking - Padon (Marmolada)

Difficultyeasy Time3 hours


Located in front of the Marmolada, the pasture area of the Rifugio Padon (2369 m.), which can also be reached with a convenient lift, has a strong hold over visitors to the Val Pettorina who wish to take in for the first time the surprising scene of the Queen of the Dolomites. From the starting station of Capanna Bill, the comfortable chair lift takes you up to Rifugio Padon. From here the walk develops on a downhill to the plain of the namesake pass with views of the valley of Livinallongo;  a lovely walk continues in absolute freedom over ample pastures in view of the Marmolada until it comes to the area of the Crepe Rosse (2223 m.) where you need to turn right along some rocks with distinctive colouring. Then you get to the road for the Passo Fedaia; in this second case, the return is through the Crepe Rosse, which requires a climb back up to the mountain passage. 


  • Gear: Trekking shoes and sportswear
  • Rest stops: Rifugio Padon
  • Max 2369 m Passo Padon Altitude
  • Beaten track Ground
  • Capanna Bill or Passo Fedaia Start