Walking - Santa Fosca - Piera de l'Auta - Santa Fosca

Difficultyeasy Length9 km circuit Time3.30 h circuit

It starts from Santa Fosca and you will soon reach the L'Andria / Toffol. From here turn right  along a paved road that leads you to Malga Pien de Vacia. Just over the Farm the road is flat. It goes round a few small ponds where the mountain frogs reproduced in the spring and you arrive at Piera de l 'Auta. The Legend narrates that right here, many years ago lived the Ladies of Mondeval in a small castle ....... of which now remained only the flat boulder that you can see name Piera de l'Auta. After a short stop cross the bridge over the stream Cordon and the descent begins that after a few turns reaches the pastures near the picnic area . We take the forest trail we pass a footbridge over the river Cordon and short reach Pescul and from there to the state Santa Fosca.

  • Rest stops: Malga Pien de Vacia
  • Alternatives: After the Farm of Pien de Vacia on the right down a path that leads to Santa Fosca
  • Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin Dolomite Group
  • paved road Ground
  • Santa Fosca Start
  • Santa Fosca Finish
  • all year long Time of the year
  • high Popularity