Walking - Sas De Ròcia (Marmolada)

Difficultymedium Length2 km ca Time1 hour ca

Laste di Rocca Pietore, situated at 1400 m is a village which enjoys great vitality; it has excellent potential and the monoliths called "Rònch" are part of the scenic beauty of Laste. These are a series of isolated rock peaks and three of them are of major interest: the Sass de Ròcia, Sass de la Murada and Sass de la Gusela. The biggest is Sas de Rocia a sort of elliptical cake about sixty metres high and about 200 m long. The origins of these “Sass” is tied to ancient geological phenomena. The starting base to reach the monoliths is from Laste and the easy route meanders along to the scenic hamlet of Ronch to then veer right to penetrate the singular landscape enriched by the presence of numerous rock climbers.

  • Gear: Trekking boots and sportswear
  • Rest stops: Loc. Laste
  • Beaten track Ground
  • Laste di Rocca Pietore Start
  • Medium Popularity