Walking - To the Archaeological Site of Mandriz (Selva di Cadore)

Difficultyeasy Time1 hour one way


The discover of the Mandriz archaeological site attributable to Vittorino Cazzetta (1947-1997), which was the discoverer also of the remains of the Mondeval Man and of the dinosaurs footprints on Mount Pelmetto, and to which the Public Museum of the Fiorentina Valley is dedicated. This short cultural trip goes throughout the ancient village of Toffol (the hamlet located right above Santa Fosca); in the first part of the ascent, visitors canl admire the beautiful original barns of the Fiorentina Valley, many of which have been recently renovated maintaining the typical Cadorino/Ladino architechture. At the top of the local paved road of Toffol a dirt road, which goes along the brook of Loschiesuoi, enters the wood. Just a little before arriving in Mandriz, you will pass over a little nice wooden bridge on the brook; in this place, we suggest to stop for a while to admire the verdant wilderness of the place. Just a bit further there is the rock used as a shelter by the men in the Neolithic age ( IV – III century B.C.), as it is shown by the signs  near the site. The findings are now shown at the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum of Selva  di Cadore.

Alternative route to “ the shepherd’s hut”: from the site go on climbing a path which crosses a  little water spring and further meets the CAI path n. 465 which leads to Giau col. Carry on for about 300 m, on the left there is a sign with a red spot on a trunk which shows a deviation ( follow the red spots on the stones or on the trunks) which after crossing a brook takes into a nice wood where in the ground there is the typical old “ Shepherd’s hut” . Outside there is a table, some benches and a barbecue place. Come back on the same way. The path n. 465 takes directly down to Toffol ( at the beginning of the way to Mondeval) without crossing Mandriz.

  • Gear: mountain wear
  • Alternatives: to the "Cappanna del pastore"
Warnings: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Notes: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin Dolomite Group
  • North Face
  • 1750 m Altitude
  • 326 m Vertical gain
  • 326 m Vertical loss
  • asphalt road and path Ground
  • Santa Fosca, or Toffol Start
  • Toffol Finish
  • Spring, Summer and Autumn Time of the year
  • low Popularity