Walking - Valfredda - Fuciade (Falcade)

TimeAbout 3 hours


Starting from the Rifugio Flora Alpina (1800 m), after a small grassy incline, you can admire one of the most wonderful landscapes of the Dolomites: Valfredda ("Cold Valley", whose territory is completely included in the Municipality of Falcade) with its pastoral meadows and its “Casoni” (small shelters that in the past were used by shepherds during summer and which now have become charming huts for the summer excurisions of the sons and nephews of those shepherds), which lie on verdant fields framed by the surrounding rocky mountainous cathedrals. Continuing the walk along the trail marked n. 694 you arrive at the junction with trail n. 670 that goes to Fuciade (1982 m) in the Municipality of Soraga. You can return following the same woodsy-pastoral route. If you do love to walk in an untouched alpine environment, you can reach Refuge Flora Alpina from the valley floor of Falcade thanks to the ancient mule track that goes up to Falcade Alto and then thanks to the mule track that starts in the hamlet of Le Fratte.   

  • Gear: Training shoes and sportswear
  • Rest stops: Baita Flora Alpina
  • Baita Flora Alpina 1800 m Start
  • Fuciade 1982 m Finish