Trekking - Arabba - Pizac

Difficultymedium Time2h 30m

You set off from the left of the Porta Vescovo cable car, where  you enter the woods and go on until you come to a junction; leave the trail for the Gran Fop to your right and head east to then go further up a forest trail across an old military road until you come to the remains of a tunnel. Continue until you reach the last steep stretch, made easier with some wooden steps. A sign to the left will indicate the continuation of trail marked CAI 699 for the Fedaia pass; going right you get to the mountain passage and a little after that is Pizac (2222 m), where there is a holy cross. From here the views of the Alto Agordino are splendid. To get down, following the trail in a South-western direction you come to the edge of a grassy plain and then a bunch of rocks; from here the trail goes down across the field, passing by ruins of military instalments. Then you continue following a ski slope, trail marked CAI 698, to Arabba.




  • Gear: Trekking shoes, mountain wear
Warnings: You can use the Portavescovo cable car
Notes: You can use the Portavescovo cable car
  • Marmolada Dolomite Group
  • 2200 m Altitude
  • 617 m Vertical gain
  • Beaten track Ground
  • Arabba Start
  • Arabba Finish
  • Summer-Autumn Time of the year