Baby trekking from Costa to Mas di Sabe

DifficultyEasy Time15 min.

Short but greatly satisfying walk thanks to the wonderful views and the magic of the tabià Mas de Sabe. The building is a typical rural construction of Zoldo, one of the oldest tabià (haylofts) of the valley, dates back to XVI Century.

The starting point is at the village of Costa (1421 m), leaving the car at the little parking in the center of the village. From there, it is possible to continue on road and then dirt road in direction of Mas di Sabe, a trail accessible also with a trekking stroller, until the historic tabià. It is advised the latest Springtime (April, May and June) because the grass has not yet grown, and permits to children to play in the little glade which surrounds Mas di Sabe. 




  • Gear: Trekking stroller
  • Rest stops: Costa
  • Alternatives: From Brusadaz (1380 m) or from Coi (1425 m)
  • Pelmo Dolomite Group
  • 1465 m Altitude
  • Road, dirt road Ground
  • Costa (1421 m) Start
  • Mas di Sabe (1465 m) Finish
  • Late Spring Time of the year
  • Medium Popularity