Monte Punta

DifficultyEasy Time4-5 hours

Considered the "bellybutton" of Zoldo, with a 360° panoramic view over the valley's mountains. The ex-military road from Casal heads up the southern hillside throuch woods and pastures; the path from the Tamài (north) is much shorter, beginning at Zoppé or Costa. There are also interesting encounters with nature (flora and fauna) and historical hints (military construction ruins). 

  • Rest stops: Casal
  • Monte Punta Summit
  • 1.952 m Altitude
  • 920 m from Casal Change in elevation
  • Dirt road and path Ground
  • Casal or Zoppé Start
  • Monte Punta Finish
  • Spring, Summer and Autumn Time of the year
  • Medium Popularity