Monte Rite

DifficultyEasy Time3-4 hours

Breathtaking views of the mountains of Val di Zoldo and the Cadore Ampezzano. The fort on top was constructed for the Great War of 1915-18 and is now used as a museum (Messner Mountain Muesum). It is reached on a sunny road (479) from Passo Cibiana, but it is unadvisable in Summer because of the tourist shuttle traffic. Alternatively, there is a path that passes by the Col Orlando and arrives to the Forcella Deona. A little longer, but more varied and pleasant is the route that from Quatre Tabià rises to the Forcella di Val Inferna (494) reaching the Rite summit from the northen side of the mountain. 

  • Rest stops: Bar/restaurants at Passo Cibiana, rifugio Dolomites on the top
  • Mount Rite Summit
  • 2.183 m Altitude
  • 650 m Change in elevation
  • Dirt road and/or path Ground
  • Passo Cibiana Start
  • Mount Rite Finish
  • Spring, Autumn (Summer if you take the variant on path) Time of the year
  • High Popularity