The Centuries-old Wood

DifficultyEasy, for families Length4.350 m Time1 hour and 30 mins

This is an easy itinerary, almost flat, along a nice path through the woods just below Col de Salèra (Monte Punta), with panoramic views over Mezzodì, Tamer-S.Sebastiano and Moiazza. The villages of Astragal and Villa are very interesting. A steep road reaches Astragal, an enviable panoramic position on the southern slopes of Mount Punta. The little church of Fabiano and Sebastiano and an ancient elegant building overlook the village square. Just before Valentino, the birthplace of Panciera Besarèl, the famous sculptor from Zoldo, is situated, and in front is the house with the botanic gardens owned by the Angelini family, which made the first fundamental description of the Zoldo mountains. From the small square continue towards Col, at the bottom of the village, and level with a bend to the right follow the trail which is almost flat and goes into the woods to the west.

The road stops level with Gaf de Malvarè, which is a small stream which carved out a striking canyon, and then continues on the opposite side. No problem: the short path is wide and the stream can be passed using a small and solid bridge. With a short and steep downhill section pass along Pratoran, with De Fanti’s isolated house, where there is a refreshing fountain, then climb up reaching Villa (1014 m, 40 mins). From the village square which is surrounded by old houses and by the small church it is possible to enjoy a view over Mezzodì and Goima’s Valley; there is also a large, ancient fountain, the “brent grant”, near the square which is also delightful. Before returning to Astragàl, in fifteen minutes you can head downhill to Dont (926m) along the main road. The village, at the start of the valley where the Duram stream flows, once was important for smelting and iron work: here you will find many blast furnaces and on Mount Canazé there were iron and lead mines. At Dont it is possible to visit the church of Santa Caterina where the works of art of Brustolon and Besarèl are kept and afterwards you can enjoy an original Zoldo ice cream at the Bar Pelmo near the playground. Alternatively you can return to Astragal from the square in Villa and walk uphill along via Nosgièda, go along it, cross the recent Villa dei De Rocco and from there a very steep path sets off which leads to a water hydrant and then continues along an easy mule track to join up with the forestry road which takes you in the direction of Col de Salera.

  • Rest stops: Villa, Astragal
  • 1.054 m Altitude
  • 85 m Change in elevation
  • dirt road, path Ground
  • Astragal 969 m - Villa 1014 m Start
  • Astragal 969 m - Villa 1014 m Finish
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn Time of the year
  • Medium Popularity