Wandering among the villages

DifficultyEasy Length 4.630 m Time1 h 45 min.


During the way on this pleasant itinerary you can visit the villages of  Fusine and Pianaz, following secondary roads, cross the Maè torrent and reach the village of Palma, which has a playground for children. The return route passes through the woods until it comes out in Soramaè and returns to the starting point. 
At Fusine (1177 m), leave the car in the parking lot at the small square. There is a climb towards the Church of S. Nicolò and you take the little lane on the right that almost parallels the provincial road among the village houses.  After ten minutes or so you get on the provincial road, follow this for a brief stretch along a wide curve and once again take the old road that cuts across the field (there is a lovely, remodelled tabià on the left) until you come out on to the road again. Here there is a modern fountain in red Cornigian stone sculpted in 2001 by the French sculptor C. Claudel.  Then you cross the road, going slightly uphill and passing near an old tabià and then near the old dairy of  Pianàz you come to the provincial road again where it meets with Santo Colussi square; behind this you can see the outline of the S. Rocco bell tower against the mass of the Pelmo. You continue along an internal street (via dei Frassen and then via Vido) until you come to the provincial road yet again. You cross this around the junction with the road for Palma which crosses the Maè torrent and goes back up to the village of  Palma where there is a wide plain that features a children’s playground. (1268 m, 45 min). 
To the left of the large parking lot you take the easy path (marked Cai 584) that goes through a lovely pine and beech forest across the Costa dei Tremoi on a slight downhill; passing Ru dei Ronch, it goes down a little more steeply and comes out in Soramaè, one of the most charming villages in the valley, at the base of the Col Grand di Canazzè with the Pelmo massif in the background (1230 m ca, 30 min). Following the asphalt road you go down until you cross the Maè torrent and then you go back up to Fusine coming out after a few minutes on to the square under the church.

  • Gear: Training shoes
  • Rest stops: Mareson, Pianaz, Soramaé
  • Civetta Dolomite Group
  • 1321 m max Altitude
  • 184 m Change in elevation
  • Road, dirt road, path Ground
  • Fusine (1177 m) Start
  • Fusine (1177 m) Finish
  • Late Spring, Summer, Autumn Time of the year
  • Medium Popularity