Mountain running - Cencenighe-Avoscan-Masarè-Alleghe

Difficultyeasy Timeabout 45 min

This track starts near the Primary High School in Cencenighe, and it goes on throughout the old SS paved road which leads to Avoscan. From here it goes for a while, 200m ca, on a loose ground, then it reaches the hamlet of Sala, where it  moves again on a paved road till a large park. It goes on a path for 500 m more around the outlet of Alleghe Lake, in the hamlet of Vallazza.

  • Rest stops: Cencenighe, Avoscan, Alleghe
  • Vallazza 970 m max Altitude
  • Easy Ground
  • 760 m Cencenighe Start
  • 970 m Vallazza Finish
  • Medium/high Popularity