Mountain running - Falcade-Caviola-Forcella Lagazzon-Vallada-Canale-Falcade

Difficultyeasy Time1h 20m

The route starts on the plain of Falcade and continues on the cycle path to the village of Caviola. You run on an asphalted road up to the brow of the fork Lagazzon. You then continue until Celat of Vallada. The path descends towards the ‘Mulan’ bridge and returns via the cycle path until the starting point.

  • Gear: Trekking shoes, mountain clothing
  • Rest stops: Falcade, Caviola, Vallada, Canale
  • Forcella Lagazzon Summit
  • Valle del Biois Face
  • Forcella Lagazzon 1356 m max Altitude
  • Easy Ground
  • 1150 m Piana di Falcade Start
  • 1150 m Piana di Falcade Finish
  • Medium/High Popularity