Mountain running - Piani di Pezzè–Laghetto Coldai (Alleghe)

Difficultymedium Time1h 45m normal athlete - 1h 15m expert athlet

Starting point at 1500 m height in the locality of Piani di Pezzè, following route number 564.  After about a 400 meter climb, the path slightly paves the way down to Malga Pioda (1816 m). From here, take the number 556 towards the right, and following the old military road you gently climb up to the mountain hut Coldai (2132 m). Continue climbing for another 60 meter until you reach the beautiful lake Coldai (2140).


  • Gear: Trekking shoes, mountain clothing
  • Rest stops: Malga Pioda – Rifugio Coldai
  • North Face
  • 2104 m max Altitude
  • 1300 m Change in elevation
  • Beaten track Ground
  • Piani di Pezzè Start
  • Piani di Pezzè Finish
  • According to the weather situation Time of the year
  • Medium/High Popularity