Via ferrata and climbing in the Dolomites

Whoever wants to try the thrill of the mountain in all its essence, reaching the most inaccessible peaks, you can follow some of the most beautiful “vie ferrate", old cabled supply routes, in the Dolomites, which can satisfy the most expert of mountain trekkers or even beginners.

To get to the heart of intimidating massifs like the Pelmo, the Civetta, le Tofane, il Cristallo, the Pale di San Martino, the Sella Group or the Marmolada is an unforgettable experience: the vie ferrate combine the pleasure of a hike with the challenge of a climb, offering fantastic views of the mountains and surrounding valleys.

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  • Via Ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri

    This ascent, almost entirely equipped with cables, follows the steep southern arête up Punta Anna, the large outcrop that looks onto the Tofana di Mezzo.

  • Via Ferrata Marino Bianchi

    This short but panoramic itinerary follows the crest which, at 3000m, runs from Forcella Staunies to the summit of Cristallo di Mezzo. BEAUTY: ***

  • Via Ferrata Ra Gusela

    A new, short via ferrata which replaces the original one along the gully which is now closed for safety.

  • Via Ferrata Sci Club 18

    This Ferrata route traverses the Crepe di Faloria face, below the path of the cable car leading to Mount Faloria.

  • Via Ferrata Renè de Pol

    The actual via ferrata is not particularly long and traverses the north and north east faces of the Forame mountain chain, a minor western outcrop of the Cristallo group.

  • Via Ferrata Averau

    This short route close to Rif. Averau (2413m) is ideal for completing the classic trip round Averau and Nuvolau, or as a half day outing.