The Cliff at Pian de Caleda



The cliff of Caleda is located near the Duran Pass, in the dolomitic group of the San Sebastiano - Tamer, on the opposite side of the Pass with respect to Mount Moiazza. The tracks develop on the wall at the foot of the Sas de Caleda which hangs just over, with its slender wall. It is a quiet place with a beautiful vie, surrounded by green woods, but with a wide open space just at its base.
This place is far from the noisy roads and the only noise here is the sound of the water  flowing from the little spring at the foot of the wall, very useful during the hot summers. The climbing is very nice, on plate and deep Dolomite rock, always with technical movements.  There are about 40 itineraries and the difficulties range from the 5th to the 8th, with many itineraries of 6th and 7th grade.  The tracks are equipped with “spits”, the oldest ones with handmade tags. At the start of each tracks there is a useful  board with the list of the tracks and their difficulties

N.B.: Before embarking on every kind of excursion in the mountains consult the local C.A.I. section, the managers of the various refuges, the tourist offices of the Province of Belluno and the mountain guides of the area in order to be informed on the itinerary conditions; Dolomiti Stars is simply proposing itineraries located on its territory for promotional purposes, and in no case it can be liable for any damage that may result from failure to observe of the basic survival rules in the mountains and / or from changes in the itinerary due to the work of time and weather.



  • Gear: Rock climbing equipment and clothing: shoes, at least 60 m rope, harness, carabiners, quickdraws (a set of at least 15-16 references), brakes, slings and webbing, helmet, magnesium.
  • West Face
  • 1600 m Altitude
  • In the afternoon in spring and autumn. In summer, it's better to use the shadow of the morning because the afternoon sun can be too hot. Time of the year