Vie Ferrate - Mount Cernera

Difficultymedium - difficult Time4 hours and 45 min a/r

The climb to Mount Cernera reserves the emotion to meet whole herds of chamois and the charm of a panorama of the peak at 360 ° for its centrality, between eastern and western Dolomites. The point of access is the Passo Giau. From the small church, follow the signs for the CAI path no. 436 (Alta Via n. 1), which leads first to the Zonia and then to fork Col Piombin. Here you leave path no. 436 that goes down to the left in the direction of Lastoi del Formin and continue to the right, under the spur of Mount Loschiesuoi, for a halfway path following the trail marked with the red colour. The path continues above the beautiful plateau of Possoliva, and crosses some rocky stretch, the passage of which is facilitated by a fixed metal rope. Continue on this side (of the Val di Zonia) until you cross the vertical rocks that exceed facilitated by some sections of fixed ropes. It climbs a grassy slope to the Ciazza fork. Here there is a view of Mount Pelmo, Civetta and the Val Fiorentina. After admiring the view you go back just below the rock where you have to pass a small gully, (signs on the rock) and the continue along a slope that leading  to the summit of Mount Cernera (cross and summit book). The return is by the same route.

Variant: the possibility of departing from the hamlet of Toffol in Selva di Cadore (parking on site) for path n. 465 up to the Giau fork, then descend to the left to trail no. 436 to the Col Piombin. Then follow the same main route path.


  • Gear: body harness, snaps, helmet, mountain wear, hiking boots
  • Rest stops: no one
  • Alternatives: starting point Toffol (Selva di Cadore)
Warnings: climbing expedition EE. A detailed maps of the area is recommended
Notes: climbing expedition EE. A detailed maps of the area is recommended
  • Cernera, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin Dolomite Group
  • Monte Cernera Summit
  • south-west Face
  • 2665 m Altitude
  • 450 m Vertical gain
  • 450 m Vertical loss
  • grassy slopes, gravels, rock Ground
  • Passo Giau Start
  • Monte Cernera peak Finish
  • summer and autumn Time of the year
  • low Popularity