Ferrata Cresta Ovest Marmolada

Difficultymedium Time6 hours


 The historical Ferrata on the Western Crest was originally traced by a guide from Sottoguda, Vincenzo Fersuoch. This itinerary goes to the highest spire of the Marmolada, Punta Penia at 3342 m that dominates all the Dolomite peaks through an exposed peak that starts from Forcella Marmolada and goes up another 450 metres to the coveted tiny refuge at the top. This fascinating refuge is small and essential, one of the last eagles' nests, a right proper shelter.

You can get there by:

1) lift facilities from the Fedaia dam up to Pian dei Fiacconi, from there it is about a 1 hour 30 minute walk to get to Forcella Marmolada where the ferrata begins.

2) Along the Val Ombretta from Malga Ciapela; a long and scenic itinerary that provides spectacular views of the Southern wall in all its grandeur. Passing through the Rifugio Falier  you get to Passo Ombretta and from there you climb to Forcella Marmolada (3h30/4h). The itinerary, with return to Malga Ciapela over the Passo Fedaia, is a complete loop around the entire Marmolada massif. You need crampons and some mountaineering experience.

  • Gear: Normal alpine equipement + ice equipment
  • Rest stops: Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi, Rifugio Punta Penia, Bivacco dal Bianco al Passo Ombretta e Rifugio Falier
  • Punta Penia Summit
  • West Face
  • 3342 m Altitude
  • Passo Fedaia/Malga Ciapela Start
  • Malga Ciapela Finish