Ferrata di Laste - Sas de Rocia

Difficultyeasy Time1 hour


Sas de Rocia is a simple ferrata that takes half a day. You get to the little village of Laste and follow signs to Ronch. From here follow all the signs to get to the start of the climb in about 10 minutes. The ferrata starts with a series of stairways that go to the "bus del conicio" ( the rabbit's hole)  to then merge into a narrow crevice. After passing through the "corridor" there are more steps and ladders that lead to a rise; from here you proceed left and arrive to a wall equipped with footholds to the top, you cross some charming little bridges. At the top you will find a nice little bivouac named Biv. Pian delle Stelle.

  • Gear: Normal climbing equipment
  • Rest stops: On the peak of Sas de Rocia
  • Sas de Rocia Summit
  • South Face
  • 2080 m Altitude
  • Ronch di Laste Start