L' Àndèr


The cliff of l'Andèr in the territory of Mount Marmolada is characterized by a large cave with an overhanging wall. The climbing in this spot requires very athletic skills, since the main handholes are mainly composed of holes. As it is a cave, it is ideal  during the first days of rain, but after long and strong rains and just after the winter it remains quite wet, so take special care in these periods

N.B.: Before embarking on every kind of excursion in the mountains consult the local C.A.I. section, the managers of the various refuges, the tourist offices of the Province of Belluno and the mountain guides of the area in order to be informed on the itinerary conditions; Dolomiti Stars is simply proposing itineraries located on its territory for promotional purposes, and in no case it can be liable for any damage that may result from failure to observe of the basic survival rules in the mountains and / or from changes in the itinerary due to the work of time and weather.

  • Gear: Rock climbing equipment and clothing
  • Marmolada Dolomite Group
  • North Face