5 routes that will lead you to discover...

Two of the aspects that characterize the Val Fiorentina are the history and culture, for this reason will find below 5 itinerary. These routes of varying difficulty and length designed to introduce you to the history and culture of the Val Fiorentina .

Will take you to cross the scree of the Mount Pelmo in search of the rock with footprints of dinosaurs, or between the barns and the houses in the Village of L' Andria , along the creek Loschisuoi in the Mandriz forest, climb up to the Mondeval de Sora pastures where was found the skeleton of our ancestor and discover the ancient Mines of Fursil in Colle Saint Lucia , in which a time was mined iron .

A long journey to discover the Val Fiorentina, which will allow you to admire the Dolomites under an other form and learn the history of the peoples of these valleys.